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``Kappo Tombo'' is a Japanese restaurant that has been operating in Azumabashi since 1933.
We have vacuum-packed souvenirs of the shop's popular menu item ``Maple Saikyo-yaki,'' which was featured on a certain program.
An assortment of freshly made amanatto beans that is perfect for business souvenirs or special gifts for loved ones.

"Kappo Tombo" continues to cherish the seasonal flavors and the heart of hospitality.
​You can also order from the homepage.

Assorted maple saikyo ware 6,480 yen (tax included)

*Shipping fee not included: See below

Assortment of carefully selected maple saikyo ware

・Gindara 2 pieces
・2 pieces of seasonal fish
・2 pieces of silver cod

Seasonal fish is marinated in an original blend of miso that takes advantage of the rich aroma and sweetness of maple syrup. The elegant sweetness that brings out the flavor of the fish is exquisite.

Another great thing about frozen food is that it has a one-month expiration date.
Comes with a luxurious cedar fold, furoshiki, cloth wrapper, and baking instructions.

​Assortment of freshly made sweet natto 3,780 yen (tax included) 

*Shipping fee not included: See below


Assortment of freshly made amanatto (10 pieces)

・3 Azuki beans
・Shirohana 3 pieces
・2 Japanese warblers
​・Quail 2 pieces

​Special boxes, furoshiki, noshi paper, etc. are also available.

* Regarding shipping costs *​
​Click to enlarge.

Eishin management table - Tonbo shipping fee table.png

※Contact us from here※

Please fill out the form below.

We would like to contact you within 2 days to inform you about the next order process.

​Basically, we will respond by phone, but if you would like us to respond by email, please indicate so.

Also, if you are in a hurry, we would appreciate it if you could contact the store directly.

About Privacy

1. We will make every effort to manage and store personal information obtained through inquiries to prevent it from being leaked to third parties.
2.Personal information received from inquiries, etc. will be used only to create better services for our customers.
3. Personal information provided through inquiries will not be disclosed to third parties unless any of the following apply.  
・When we have the customer's consent 
・When complying with legal requirements, etc.


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