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About Kappo Tombo 

“A long-established Japanese restaurant founded in 1930”

Even if your tastes and lifestyle change

"Seasonal flavors" and "sincere hospitality"

It's always the same...


A calm Japanese space and delicate Japanese food. Discussing memories while remembering the deceased.

Please feel free to use it as a seat for such memorial services.

We can prepare rooms depending on the number of people, so please feel free to contact us.

- Colorful seasonal vegetables and wild vegetables -

The blessings of the fields and mountains add color to Japanese cuisine.

Vegetables and wild plants allow us to experience the changing seasons not only with our tongues but also with our eyes.

Vegetables and wild vegetables from all over the country that are delivered daily are always ahead of the season.

We will start with what we can catch the earliest, and provide it monthly according to the season.

- Basics of Japanese cuisine -

Fish is one of the basics of Japanese cuisine.

After all, freshness is key.

We purchase fresh fish, store it, and prepare it so that everyone can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the season.From preparation to cooking to serving, our chefs use their years of experience and skill to manage the entire process without letting up.

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