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Kappo Tombo

After 210 days,

The signs of autumn are getting stronger.

Our restaurant is available in a completely private room.

Pay close attention to infection preventionWe are open while paying

Please feel free to visit us.

Kappo Tombo Kaiseki

1 minute from Honjo-Azumabashi Station Enjoy the Japanese atmosphere and the changing seasons with your whole body

=Founded in 1930=
There is a long-established Japanese restaurant with a rich atmosphere near the Sumida River, which has many tourist attractions.
Even if your tastes and lifestyle change
"Seasonal flavors" and "sincere hospitality"
Always the same... Kappo Tombo

Branded Wagyu beef from all over the country.
Enjoy the famous ``suki-ni'' with a secret sauce, steak, and shabu-shabu...

Private rooms for small groups, large halls, and chairs and tables are also available.
A refined Japanese space where jazz music flows in a tatami room with a wabi-sabi feel.

Blessings from the mountains and sea throughout the four seasons


When it comes to Japanese cuisine, especially Kaiseki cuisine, which can be enjoyed with all five senses, the skill of the chef is one of the important factors that influences the taste, but the quality of the ingredients used is also an important factor that influences the taste. I pay more attention to the condition than the high price or rarity. For our meat, we do not limit ourselves to just one brand of Wagyu beef from all over the country, but instead purchase meat in good condition from a trusted meat wholesaler with whom we have a long relationship.

All seats are served in completely private rooms.


Please come and visit us at Tonbo's Tatami Room, which is located near Honjo Azumabashi Bridge and has a Japanese and Edo atmosphere. Private rooms can accommodate 2 to 120 people.We will do our best to accommodate not only celebrations, betrothals, meetings, thank-you parties, business negotiations, and commemorative events, but also memorial services. We also offer casual Kaiseki bento boxes for lunch.


Matsuya Asakusa B1 "Asakusa Gochisou Yokocho"

Kappo Tonbo has opened in Matsuya Asakusa B1 "Asakusa Gochisou Yokocho".

​We have bento boxes and side dishes available!




Media publication information


Nippon Television|Higashino and Okamura's Traveling Monkey - Sorry for the intrusion in my private life.

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Kaiseki course  Japanese style sirloin steak Saga beef


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2012/ 4/26

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13-Round 7 Guest: Shun Oguri, Masaki Okada

Long-established Japanese cuisine showdown


割烹 とんぼ
 〒130-0001  東京都墨田区吾妻橋3-7-17

営業時間 月~日/11:30~22:00 (ラストオーダー21:30)
定休日 不定休日あり


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